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Nicole Scott

CLASSES I TEACH:GRIT & Body Combat CERTIFICATIONS:GRIT, Body Combat, Body Step GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:14 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:A former LMHF instructor, Julia encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and go to Body Step training. Something I NEVER pictured myself doing!  WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT TEACHING AT LMHF:I love the close-knit community […]

Tricia Winton

CLASSES I TEACH:Powerhouse Strength Training  CERTIFICATIONS:Group Ex levels 1 and 2, Barre Above, PIYO, Total Body Strength Training, Booty and Abs Boot Camp  GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:I have been a group fitness instructor since 2015 and with La Maison for 6 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:Other Instructors Inspired me to teach including Janine Zozaya, Janeen Jonak, […]

Janine Zozaya

CLASSES I TEACH:HIIT, SPRINT, Barre, LesMills 30 & Cycle CERTIFICATIONS:LesMills 30, SPRINT, BODYCOMBAT, Cycle, Barre, Mat Pilates & HIIT GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:33 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I was in my second year at Villanova and attended my roommate’s aerobic class which she taught to other students and faculty on-site.  She got hurt and asked me […]

Nancy Fitzgerald

CLASSES I TEACH:Adrenaline and Adrenaline Circuit.  I also sub Active Older Adults, Cycle, Abs & Arms, and Cut & Core when I can. CERTIFICATIONS:AFAA GroupX, Stages Cycling and Shockwave. GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:About 15 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I actually started with coaching an outdoor traveling bootcamp because I love running and working out outdoors. Eventually, I […]

Nicole Pungitore

CLASSES I TEACH:BodyAttack, BodyPump, Grit, Core, and Sprint CERTIFICATIONS:I have various group exercise and cycle certifications, along with the Les Mills formats I teach above.  GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:I’ve been teaching since 2017 MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:When I started taking group fitness classes. It was so much fun the energy in the room was contagious, I […]

Maggie MacDonald

CLASSES I TEACH:Les Mills BODYPUMP CERTIFICATIONS:Les Mills BODYPUMP GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:Just about one year MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:My mom initially got me into BODYPUMP. We first started taking classes together when I was in High School and completed the certification together in 2019. I really enjoy guiding others through a workout that I find so […]

David Brown

CLASSES I TEACH:Aqua Tune-up CERTIFICATIONS:I have the AAAI/ISMA Certification Aqua Fitness and CPR.  GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:I have been active in Aqua Fitness for over 10 years and certified for five years. MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I wanted to better manage my health (blood pressure, cholesterol etc).  Aqua Fitness helped me to do this! After participating in […]

Karen Gartner

CERTIFICATIONS:SCW Group Fitness, Barre Amped, Barre Advanced, Barre Fire, Barre Bootcamp, Barre Above, Ballet Barre and Barre Extreme Cardio.  GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:9 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:My dad always made sure my brothers and I did pushups and kept active.  He signed me up for ballet classes when I was 5 and I continued to take classes until Barre came along.  Barre seemed like a natural fit for me and I’m so […]

Sandy McGuire

CERTIFICATIONS:Madd Dog Spinning certified and Barre certified by Barre Focus Fitness in Haverford. GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:I’ve been teaching since 2013.   MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I was inspired to start teaching because I love the motivation, the challenge and the energy that comes from group fitness.  Plus,  classes are a lot more fun than working out alone! […]

Richard Garrison

CERTIFICATIONS:Yoga; Gentle, Vinyasa and Yin GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:14 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:A teacher didn’t show up to a yoga class I was attending as a student. The other participants encouraged me to teach the class, which I did and enjoyed. That started my journey. WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT TEACHING AT LMHF:I love the […]