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Claudia Cardamone

CERTIFICATIONS:LesMills BODYPUMP GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:Just over a year- I was certified right before the pandemic shut down.  MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:LMHF’s own Jen McGovern! I took BODYPUMP in college and after graduating began taking the classes at LMHF. Jen mentioned multiple times that she thought I would be a great instructor. I finally bit the […]

Kate Short

CERTIFICATIONS:LesMills BODYCOMBAT, GRIT and Barre GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:Since 2015 MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:My gym at the time stopped offering combat. I couldn’t live without it in my life, so I decided to get certified to teach so I would never have to be without it. WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT TEACHING AT LMHF:The members. From […]

Simon Bath

CERTIFICATIONS:LesMills SPRINT BODYCOMBAT & BODYPUMP GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:6 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:Doing a LesMills BODYPUMP training by accident – It changed my life. WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT TEACHING AT LMHF:First and foremost, the members.  I feel like they are all my friends and I hope I am to them.   SOMETHING YOU MAY BE […]

Chris Componovo

CERTIFICATIONS:Spinning GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:6 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:A few times at a different gym there were a few occasions when the instructor didn’t show and I volunteered on the fly to teach.  Class attendees said they liked my workout and that I should get certified.  WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT TEACHING AT LMHF:The members […]

Carol Elia

CLASSES I TEACH:Spinning, ABS & ARMS, CUT & CORE and  Yoga Slow Flow CERTIFICATIONS:ACE Personal Training, ACE Group X, TRX, Concept II rowing, Les Mills BODYPUMP, SPIN, SPIN POWER, YIN YOGA, YOGA, AED/CPR, Silver Sneakers all modalities and I created and own LIFE LONG YOGA – chair based yoga for seniors GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:Oh […]

Laney Vogt

CLASSES I TEACH:Spinning, Abs/Arms and Shape CERTIFICATIONS:Spinning, ACE Certification for Group Exercise and Senior Fitness Specialist. GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:I’ve been teaching at LMHF since 2009. MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I began teaching because of my love of spin! A good friend (my favorite instructor) encouraged me to get certified and became my mentor during my training. […]

Jacquie Mitchell

CERTIFICATIONS:Personal Trainer (ACE), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE), Behavior Change Specialist (ACE), LesMills SPRINT, LesMills GRIT GROUP EXERCISE TEACHING EXPERIENCE:6 years MY TEACHING INSPIRATION:I kind of just fell into it. I was working as a personal trainer at a gym, and they asked me to teach a strength class. I was SO nervous! I had never […]