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Your Body's Happy Hour.
At The Barre.

Barre classes have quickly become the next workout of choice for fitness lovers everywhere, including residents in Wayne.

What Is Barre?

These classes mix elements from pilates, yoga, ballet and dance. Barre is energized workouts, typically choreographed to music, providing up-tempo exercise for everyone in the class. Our Barre classes in Wayne are a great way to slim and trim, while enjoying music and a vibrant atmosphere.

How Does Barre Work?

A barre workout will produce isometric contractions, which occur when you hold and squeeze muscles until fatigue and failure. These deceptively small movements will produce rapid results that your body will love.Barre classes are a great, structured way to guarantee you’re working out your body correctly. Barre is becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise among women in Wayne, PA.

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Are Barre Classes at Club La Maison in Wayne an Extra Charge?

At Club La Maison in Wayne, all Barre classes are included with your membership at no extra cost! You'll feel as if your taking a class at the most popular studio, with all the additional benefits of our Wayne complex! Typically, you can’t find the benefits of our complex plus Barre classes all in one. Here at Club La Maison, you get Barre plus everything else we have to offer. 

What Should I Expect In A Barre Class?

With our barre classes in Wayne, you should expect to exert plenty of energy and have fun doing it. As a mixture of pilates, yoga, ballet and dance, you get to taste an array of routines that are choreographed to up-tempo music. In fact, barre class attracts many participants because it offers a new routine almost every time.

To begin barre class, your instructor leads you through a series of intense workout movements designed to stretch each part of your body. Like pilates and yoga, the focus is on the core abdominal muscles.

Be prepared to use some equipment in your barre class. At Club La Maison, we utilize balls, straps, cables, weights and mats. Don't worry, though, because we provide them all for you. All you need to do is show up with an energized mindset.

Barre class does have one unique rule: no shoes. We encourage you to wear sticky grip socks so that so you keep your balance while working out.

Once the workouts begin, expect to perform numerous movements that impact each muscle in your body. Because barre works all those muscles, you will be sore coming out of your first few classes. There should be no shame in this. Continue attending classes, and your muscles will become trained in no time.

How Does Barre Change Your Body?

When you attend barre classes in Wayne, you are constantly moving and working each part of the body. After you regularly engage in barre, you will notice a trend: your muscles hurt, but your joints feel great.

The movements you perform decrease the amount of pressure on your joints, as well as your tendons and ligaments. Although you experience pain in your muscles on occasion, you know that is a direct result of giving full effort. Over time, improvements in your posture and your core strength are evident.

You should also experience an improvement in your flexibility. For many barre beginners, your muscles prevent you from being too flexible simply because you are not consistently stretching them. In barre, the movements push you to become for flexible, even if that process to get to a satisfied point takes longer than expected. Having a flexible body takes time, and barre will get you there.

When you recognize those improvements, you know that barre is working for you.

Why Is Barre Popular?

Barre classes have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, in part, because they allow you to perform many different moves in a variety of styles. On some days, you focus more on ballet-type movements. On other days, the focus shifts toward dance routines. Each day is a surprise in barre, and that attracts many people to it.

Our classes range in age from the 20s to the 60s. What does this tell you about barre in Wayne PA and barre across the country? Barre has no age restrictions and is entirely inclusive. You get to build a community with others in your class, be an encouragement to new guests and are encouraged by the long-timers.

Barre’s attractiveness can also be attributed to its focus on the core muscles. Your core is the base to everything else. If your core is weak, you will not have much success working other parts of the body. However, if you focus on developing strength at the core, you will be successful in developing and toning the remaining parts of your body.

If you think barre is for you, try one of our barre sessions in Wayne PA. Fill out the short form above, and we hope to see you there.