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Experience the power of small, precise movements and the benefits of a full-body workout in a fun and supportive environment.

Barre Classes at La Maison Health & Fitness

Barre classes are quickly becoming the workout of choice for fitness lovers everywhere. Our classes mix elements from pilates, yoga, ballet, and dance to create an up-tempo and intense workout experience. Because barre movements are designed to fatigue your muscles, you’ll feel the burn while still having fun in the process! Our instructors will ensure that you’re getting in a great workout in a vibrant, music-filled atmosphere.


Barre classes will assist in obtaining those lean, muscular dancer legs through isometric exercises. They also help strengthen the core through balance work at the barre and the floor. This is a low-impact class.

Barre Core Burn

This barre-inspired class helps strengthen the core through balance work at the barre and the floor. This is a low-impact class.

Barre +

Sculpt your leg muscles and improve your balance while standing at the barre. Barre+ incorporates light weights to tone your arms and floor work to strengthen your core and back. Modifications can be made for all moves. This is a low-impact class designed for older, active adults and beginners.

Abs and Arms

Whip your midsection into shape with the latest in modern fitness training! Our Abs & Arms class uses tubing, dumbbells, and medicine balls to tone and sculpt your core and upper body.

Cut and Core

Our Cut & Core conditioning class utilizes various equipment like weights, body bars, and tubing to sculpt and strengthen your body and improve your balance.

Les Mills Core

Our expertly designed Les Mills Core class strengthens your core to help you achieve an overall stronger body. From day-to-day life to sports, a strong core improves every aspect of your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barre class is a type of group fitness class that combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Barre classes involve a combination of small, precise movements, stretches, and balance exercises that are performed at a ballet barre or other stationary support. Many of our barre classes also incorporate the use of small weights, resistance bands, and other equipment to add resistance and challenge to the workout. The goal of a barre class is to build strength, improve flexibility and balance, and tone the muscles in the arms, legs, and core. Barre classes are typically low-impact and can be modified to suit individual fitness levels and needs.

No, barre classes are designed for all fitness levels and backgrounds. While some movements may be inspired by ballet, the class is focused on building strength, flexibility, and balance, rather than dance technique.

Yes! Modifications can be made by using lighter weights or no weights at all, taking breaks as needed, and modifying movements to reduce intensity or impact. Your instructor can also provide additional guidance and support for beginners.

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