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20 Tips for Self-Care

Most people don’t find enough time for self-care. Here at the Club, we are always talking about eating right and exercising, but there are tons of little things that you can do to make you a better, happier, healthier you. Here are 20 ideas to do just that:


If you have 1 minute

Sit back in your chair, fold down the laptop and breathe mindfully. Notice how your breath feels going in and out of your nose and fills your lungs. Take this time to acknowledge all the great things your body does for you.
Say a positive affirmation to yourself that really rings true for the exact moment. Allow it to take over your entire body. A few of my favorites:
Trust this moment.
Life has a beautiful plan for me.
I am audaciously authentic.
Stand up and stretch, dance or do a rejuvenating yoga posture.
Write down your favorite part of your day so far.
Rub your temples.
Brush your hair. It sounds simple but by brushing your hair you stimulate a ton of acupuncture points which can help calm your mind and encourage blood flow to your noggin.
If you have 5 minutes

7.As you’re busy running around doing errands, and before you jump out to conquer your next to do, sit in the front seat of your car and meditate. If you’re not into the whole meditating thing, throw some shades on (to avoid awkward eye contact) and just zone out. Give your overworked brain a break.

Blast your favorite feel-good song.
Make a green smoothie, because feeding yourself well is always excellent self-care.
Make that much-needed phone call to your mom (or any positive, inspirational person in your life.
Go through the pictures on your phone and find some of your favorites. Forward a few of them to the friends you experienced them with. You’ll smile and so will they!
Do five minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing to spew all the useless crud that’s been on your mind, but no longer needs your mental attention.
Write out a self-care plan for tomorrow. Hey, it’s always good to plan ahead.
self care

If you have 30 minutes

Take a hot bath or shower with some lavender.
Sprawl out on the couch and open up your favorite book or magazine that has been collecting dust on your coffee table.
Take a nap.
Dry brush your entire body. With the skin being the largest organ, dry brushing can have some great benefits such as increase circulation, remove skin impurities, and encourage relaxation.
If you have all day

Take a lengthy drive with beautiful scenery. Roll down the windows and let your worries get taken by the wind.
Tackle that overwhelming task that’s been hanging over your head for months. Today may be the perfect time to go for it. Eliminating tasks is a great way to open up space for more positive energy in your life.
Plan the day of your dreams! Go for a hike, get a massage, whatever makes you happy! Just indulge in all that 24 hours can offer you!