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Navigating the Transition: Your Guide to acac Fitness & Wellness

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we understand that you may have questions about the transition from La Maison Health & Fitness to acac Fitness & Wellness Centers. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity and ensure a smooth transition for all members:

Q: When will the transition to acac Fitness & Wellness take effect?

A: The conversion to acac Fitness & Wellness Centers will occur gradually over the next several weeks and months. During this time, we’ll be getting to know you, making enhancements to the facility and equipment, and transitioning branding from La Maison to acac. Rest assured, we’ll work diligently to minimize any impact on your club experience.

Q: What will happen to my current membership?

A: Your current membership will seamlessly transition to an acac Fitness & Wellness membership. Additionally, you’ll have the option to upgrade to enjoy access to our other two Pennsylvania club locations.

Q: Will my dues remain the same?

A: For existing regular members, there will be no changes to dues during this ownership transition. However, Charter, Diamond, or similar type memberships may be subject to dues adjustments. Please reach out to the club for more information regarding your specific membership.

Q: I’m a personal training client. Are there any changes to personal training?

A: All personal training contracts will remain in effect, ensuring continuity in your fitness journey.

Q: Will billing remain the same?

A: Yes, pre-authorized payment agreements for monthly dues will continue, with acac as the payee. Any outstanding charges on your account from March 31 or earlier will need to be settled with Club La Maison. Additionally, there will be a transition to a new membership management software, with billing shifting to the first of the month. Rest assured, we’ll communicate well in advance of any changes.

Q: Are you planning any changes to the club?

A: Absolutely! We’re committed to reinvesting in the facility and equipment promptly after the transition. Our goal is to enhance your experience and provide top-notch amenities for your fitness journey.

Q: What are the closest acac Fitness & Wellness clubs, and can I access them?

A: As a member of our family, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your membership to access our two additional locations in Pennsylvania: our flagship club in West Chester, PA, and our 24-hour fitness facility in Eagleview, PA. Contact Lori Yingling at loriy@acac.com or visit acac.com to learn more about these clubs and the broader acac network.

Q: Will the club hours or class schedules change?

A: There are no plans to change club hours or your favorite classes. However, we’ll be evaluating the current class schedule for additional offerings and opportunities for improvement.

Q: Do I have to complete any paperwork?

A: No paperwork is necessary. Simply continue to sign in at the front desk as usual, and over time, we’ll replace your keytags with acac Fitness & Wellness keytags.


We hope this FAQ guide has provided clarity and reassurance as we transition to acac Fitness & Wellness Centers. We’re excited to embark on this journey with you and look forward to serving you and the Main Line community for many years to come.