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Introducing LES MILLS Strength Development™

At La Maison Health and Fitness, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a groundbreaking program that will revolutionize your fitness experience. Introducing LES MILLS Strength Development™ (SD), a cutting-edge workout designed to take your training to new heights. As the first club in the Greater Philadelphia area to offer this exclusive program, we are excited to provide our members with an opportunity to excel, transform, and achieve their fitness goals like never before.

  1. Designed for the Next Generation of Fitness Enthusiasts: In today’s fitness landscape, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve.  To keep our members engaged for the long run, we recognize the need to provide workouts that resonate with them. Strength training has made a resounding comeback, and it’s the favorite way for many to work out, surpassing even cardio and yoga/Pilates. Join us in embracing this fitness trend that is capturing the hearts of young adults, with LES MILLS Strength Development at the forefront.

  2. Unleash the Power of LES MILLS Strength Development: LES MILLS Strength Development has taken the fitness industry by storm, captivating fitness enthusiasts across New Zealand clubs. Originally trialed and proven immensely popular, it is now launching worldwide, and we are proud to bring it to our health club. This program stands apart from the regular release cycle, featuring a series of 12 progressive workouts that deliver exceptional results. With an innovative approach and a team of experts behind it, LES MILLS Strength Development promises to transform your fitness journey.

  3. Expertise That Sets Us Apart: LES MILLS Strength Development is the brainchild of renowned experts in the field. Choreographer Erin Maw, together with Glen Ostergaard, the BODYPUMP™ Program Director, and strength and conditioning coach John Nicodemus, have meticulously crafted this program. Their collaboration with physio and technical consultant Rob Lee, as well as strength and conditioning specialist Ben Main, ensures an exceptional workout experience. With this level of expertise, you can trust that LES MILLS Strength Development is designed to maximize your results.

  4. The Distinctiveness of LES MILLS Strength Development: What sets LES MILLS Strength Development apart from other programs, such as BODYPUMP, is its focus on lifting heavier weights at slower tempos to generate hypertrophy. The program emphasizes controlled, deliberate movements to engage your muscles fully. It challenges you to move slowly, building intensity through repetitive loading of heavier weights. With LES MILLS Strength Development, you’ll experience a different dimension of strength training that delivers extraordinary results.

  5. Powered by Science, Backed by Results: LES MILLS Strength Development is grounded in exercise science, ensuring that every workout is safe and effective. A 12-week study conducted in collaboration with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) demonstrated impressive results. Participants experienced an average increase of 15% in their one-rep-max (1RM) for deadlifts, 9% for squats, and 7% for bench presses. Not only that, but participants reported a remarkable 22% increase in confidence regarding their ability to perform key lifts. These findings underscore the incredible benefits of LES MILLS Strength Development.

At La Maison, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce LES MILLS Strength Development to our esteemed members. This program represents a new era of fitness, empowering you to achieve your goals, gain confidence, and experience long-term health benefits. With an exclusive offering that distinguishes us as the first club in the Greater Philadelphia area to provide Strength Development, this is your opportunity to take your fitness journey to unparalleled heights. Join us in embracing this dynamic program and unlock your full potential today. Sign up now!