Journey Back to Fitness


CLM FItI did it! I worked out in a mask! This may seem like a silly milestone, but honestly this was probably the biggest obstacle keeping me from coming back to the gym. I dread going food shopping every week, simply because I have to wear a mask (I know – third world problems!). So, the thought of working out in a mask . . . for me, was dreadful. 

Jacquie signed me up for the Wednesday, 9:30 am CLM Fit, a functional interval training class.  This particular program is  available to members who are currently working out with a personal training (either small group or personal). 

The 9:30 time slot was perfect for me. I was able to get the kids off to virtual school and make it to the club in plenty of time. I was a little nervous that I’d be in a group with a bunch of 20-something super fit models, but Jacquie reassured me that I’d be fine. The women in my group were super friendly and non intimidating. And this program is capped at 8 participants, so I knew it wouldn’t be crowded. 


Josh, the trainer, introduced himself and quickly explained what exercises we would be doing. He even helped me choose my weights, since I was a little nervous my first round. There were plenty of disinfectant wipes and spray bottles available and all members were diligent about cleaning every piece of equipment before and after use. We did pretty basic exercises like lunges, squats, mountain climbers and my favorite – pushups on the TRX. I have a wrist injury, so I typically struggle to do planks, push-ups or anything that requires pressure on my wrist.  The TRX push-ups were great, because I was able to do the exercise without the strain on my wrist! 

It was a 45 minute session and it actually flew by pretty quickly. The workout was challenging, but I didn’t feel like I was in over my head. AND exercising with a mask, actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought. This program gives you short breaks in between exercises – just enough time to catch your breath before you get started again.

So, if you’re anything like me and you’re tired of trying to motivate yourself to workout at home, you really should give Club La Maison a try! I feel so comfortable here and today Josh pushed me way harder than I would have pushed myself at home doing on demand workouts. 

Click here to learn more or get your FREE pass. Maybe I’ll see you at the next CLM Fit!