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Why Body Composition Analysis is Better Than a Scale

Whether it’s weight loss, building muscle, getting in shape for a special event, or just maintaining a daily exercise routine, we all have fitness goals. We make a plan and work toward our goals, hoping to see progress and reap the reward for our hard work. But how do we track the progress? How do we know that we’re making the strides we aim to make? The first thing most people think of is a scale, but scales don’t tell the whole story. They only show overall weight, not how much of that weight is body fat, muscle, and water. Do we go by how we feel? Feeling better, stronger, or more energized are important goals, and definitely goals that we should all aim towards. But again, feelings don’t tell the whole story, and they’re difficult to track over time. 

Understanding what your body is made up of (muscle mass, body fat, and water) paints a much better picture of where you stand and where you need to go. This process is called body composition analysis, and it’s a much more accurate measure of progress. By understanding what your body is made up of, we can figure out what you need to focus on. It also allows us to track your progress and helps to create accountability.

So how do we figure out these numbers? The InBody. By using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), the InBody provides accurate measurements to evaluate your body composition in under 45 seconds and gives us the data we need to help guide you through your fitness journey. Click here to watch a short video, where Nate explains how the InBody works!

“Everybody begins working out with an end goal in mind, but how are we supposed to reach our end goal if we don’t know where we are starting?” says Fitness Director Jason Losey. “The InBody 570 allows our trainers to develop an appropriate and effective training program based on real data about your starting point, then accurately track your progress along the fitness journey. If progress slows, we can see it quickly, make adjustments, and avoid wasted time, effort, and frustration. If you are serious about your fitness goals, utilize the Inbody.”

If you haven’t scheduled your complimentary InBody assessment yet, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to have data to track your progress and keep you focused and motivated. Reach out to our club ambassadors, Jacquie (jacquiem@clublamaison.com) and Nate (natek@clublamaison.com) to schedule your appointment today!