Preparing Healthy Dinners with a Busy Schedule

After a day full of activities, now it’s time for dinner.  Work, school, soccer practice, tutors, and piano lessons surely keep the fast food drive through in business. Good news… we have plenty of ways to serve fast food without paying a visit to McDonald’s. Fixing healthy, quick, and tasty dinners has never been so easy.

Three Steps to a Fast Dinner

  1. Purchase a Crock Pot ASAP. “Set it and forget it” is real. Crock Pots are great for roasting meat and vegetables for a warm meal after a long day.
  2. Bring back Casseroles! This 50’s phenomenon is the perfect combination of veggies, protein, and some creamy goodness. Make ahead and reheat later!
  3. Keep fixings for a healthy salad in stock. Tomatoes, eggs, spinach, onion, peppers, cheese, carrots, avocado whatever you fancy.

These quick recipes are hearty with veggies and protein to fill everyone with essential nutrients.

Crock Pot Chili

Healthy Crock Pot Chili for a Fast Dinner


Ham and Cheese Casserole




If you must…we have listed the best fast food choices for your Family.

  1. Panera: Food is prepared fresh and offers hearty servings of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Zoe’s Kitchen: Offers options from a Mediterranean Diet that are heart healthy and nutrient dense.
  3. Chipotle: The Burrito Bowl and Taco Salad are excellent choices at Chipotle. Load these up with veggies and protein, go light on the cheese and sour cream.