Protein Shakes: the Why and the What…

In order to get the most out of your workout here at the Club, it’s critical to think about recovery.  Whether your performance goals are fat loss, muscle gain, toning or all of the above, optimizing the Recovery period that follows your workout is as critical to achieving your goals as your workout. Nutrition is more than 50% of the battle and the key to your success.

Anatomy 101

Glycogen is the sugar stored in your muscles and liver, metabolized from the very carbohydrates you consume throughout the day. Glycogen is the primary fuel used by your body during weight, resistance or aerobic sessions lasting less than 2 hours. Since the human body can only store between 200-500 grams of glycogen (800 –2000 calories), it is entirely possible to burn through most or all your glycogen in a 60–90 minute session of intense exercise.

Depleting glycogen stores during a workout causes your body to go into a catabolic (muscle-wasting) state, using your own muscle to feed your body’s elevated metabolism and need for energy. Over time, the net result is a smaller version of yourself but with a higher fat to lean muscle tissue ratio. This decrease in muscle lowers your metabolic rate making it more and more difficult to burn calories and lose fat.

Did You Know?

Glycogen must be present to burn fat. If you haven’t eaten properly prior to your workout, storing enough glycogen to sustain your workout, your body will convert its body proteins (muscle) into glycogen. Less muscle means a lower metabolism.

The Solution

By drinking a high glycemic based drink immediately following a workout, preferably a 3 to 1 ratio of Carbs to Protein respectively, all sugars are shunted directly to your muscle fibers, not to your hips or those pesky love handles. Remember, glycogen is stored in your muscles not in fat. Once in your muscle cells, Recovery can begin and you can begin to rebuild a stronger, leaner you.

Even if you are just trying to burn fat, replacing the sugars that you just burned enables your body to keep your metabolism humming by keeping your hard-earned muscle. To optimize Recovery, nutrition is critical. Consuming an equal amount or 10% greater calories than expended during your workout period is the critical first step to Recovery.

That’s why we have nutritious shakes right at the front desk of the Club!  With choices from Refuel and Recover to Detox to Meal Replacement, our shakes can provide you with the right nutrients at the right time.  Now, it’s just a matter of choosing the right shake.



Join the crowd. Most folks make nutrition mistakes everyday, whether they workout or not. It is these very mistakes that can halt progress in a gym or invite disease. Nutrition is at least half of the battle.

We have decided to bring both exercise and nutrition together so that you not only achieve your performance goals but live a long and healthy life. Heck, we want to keep you around for a while.

Our Shake Bar is now offering the healthiest, most nutrient dense shakes in the world. You will find NO artificial ingredients or colorings, NO synthetic sweeteners and NO hydrogenated oils – just pure and NATURAL Whole Food ingredients.


The truth is, your body is replacing itself continually throughout your life. Each of your 75 trillion cells is replaced at least every 9 months, some many more times than that, and when you workout, even more often. If you continually consume artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners, your body’s cells will integrate these man-made ingredients when they are regenerated. Ever wonder where cancer and other degenerative diseases come from? Hmmm…Could there be a correlation?

Our Shake Bar is meant to provide an oasis of real whole foods so that at least once a day, you can provide your body with pure, phyto and macro nutrient-dense whole foods that will help you recover and build new cells too.

Recovery and More

The primary purpose of having a shake bar in a health club is to provide the necessary nutrients to help you recover following a hard work out. Recovery and nutrition are critical to your achieving your goals. If you want to hit those fitness goals, you need to feed your body at the right times, and missing that 30 minute window will throw your body into a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Get nutrition right and watch big changes in your body.

But everyone who comes to the gym doesn’t have the same goals and some, maybe you, haven’t even worked out. Are these shakes still good for me, you might ask? Absolutely, but they need to be created to fit your needs at that specific moment in time. Every shake offered here will help you recover following your workout; just make sure your calories burned (outtake) matches your calorie intake.

So which shake?

Our shake menu is organized by purpose of the shake. But our staff is always happy to answer questions! If you’re looking for a post-workout shake, click here to see a handy reference! We hope this helps you realize the importance of recovery after workout and nutrition throughout the day. Here at the Club, we are privileged to have a solution for that. Our shakes can allow you to finish your workout right, and give you that extra nutrition you need to get 100% efficiency!

Click here to learn more about our Shake Bar, or stop in and enjoy one!