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Summer Vacation Workouts!

Vacation season is here! Getting away to new and exciting places is awesome and fun, but it isn’t always awesome and fun for our workout routine. Taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation from our fitness routine. The key to staying on track is to keep it simple. The next time you travel give this circuit-style workout a try:


Set a timer for 30 to 45 minutes and repeat the following circuit as many times as possible:

40 seconds of Mountain Climbers: Begin in plank position with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders. Abs and glutes should be squeezed tight, then drive your knees forward as if running in the plank position. Do not let your hips rise during the movement.


20 seconds of rest


Single Arm Rows (10 Reps Each Side) Try using your suitcase as a weight.  Pulling exercises are the most difficult movement to accomplish without traditional weight equipment. You already have the suitcase with you, let’s put it to use. Stager your stance and hinge forward at the waist. Keep your spine in a neutral position and rest your forearm on your front thigh just above the knee. Let your other arm hang naturally, pick up your weight and pull it up towards your hip. Your elbow should track back past the crease of your hip. Return to the starting position and repeat.


20 seconds of rest


40 seconds of Push-Ups: Begin in the same plank position as the mountain climber.  Bend your elbows and keep your arms at roughly 45 degrees from your sides.  A common mistake is to let your elbows flare out to 90 degrees which puts excessive strain on the shoulders.  Drive back up to the plank position.

20 seconds of rest


Split Squat Jumps (30 seconds Each Leg)  Step back into a reverse lunge position with your back knee a few inches off the ground. While remaining in the starting position jump so that both feet are a few inches off the ground. Land in the exact same starting position every time. Repeat quickly for 30 seconds.


20 seconds of rest


This is just one example of a simple full-body routine that will absolutely keep you on track toward your fitness goals.  If you are interested in more options please do not hesitate to reach out. Either myself or my personal training team here at La Maison Health and Fitness would be happy to help create a personalized routine for you.

Jason Losey, 
Fitness Director