What’s the Deal with Caffeine before Work-outs?

Waking up for an early morning workout or waiting until after work to exercise can be equally exhausting.  Feeling sluggish going into a workout could limit the results of the session. Moderate caffeine intake is an easy way to boost energy and see more results from exercise.
  • 2-3 mg/kg of body weight
  • 8-16 oz of coffee
  • 8-16 oz of green tea
  • Within 90 minutes of your workout
  • The effects of caffeine peak 40 – 80 minutes after consumption
  • Decreases the perceived exertion of exercise
  • Decreases blood lactate that causes muscle burn during exercise
  • Increases total work from exercise
  • Increases force production
  • Increases power
  • Increases post-exercise fat burn
  • Increases overall exercise intensity for the duration of the workout
Therefore…caffeine intake prior to exercise may increase the muscle building and fat loss benefits of exercise. If we can lift more weight, perform more reps, and work at a higher speed, we can burn more calories and build strength. Just always remember moderation!