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About C4

C4 Youth Performance Training is a local athletic training company that prides itself on working with kids of all abilities and goals.  There are many variables that influence our curriculum such as: chronological age, mental age, nature of the sport an athlete plays, and individual needs of an athlete.

Why C4?

Getting started, the right way, is what is most important to us and that is why our success rate is so high here at C4. Progress is always created at the foundational level, and we focus on establishing the foundation of an athlete. We only branch out and build once we have a solid foundation.


Our coaches promise to never rush an athlete through a program to “just get it over with”. We will never clear a Back to Field Athlete (an athlete who is recovering from an injury) before they are ready because a coach “needs” their player back. The athlete’s health always comes first. We promise to give you the same effort you give us every time you’re here.


Give your workout more variety than ever with our accessories, from warmup to cooldown. Increase your body’s capacities every day, from stability to mobility, from power to speed.

Our Classes


We work with individuals, families, and teams

PRE-SEASON: C4 youth strength training will prepare you for an upcoming tryout or season as well as tournaments, showcases, and races.

IN-SEASON: C4 youth strength training will keep you fit and healthy throughout the season. We will get you back on the field quickly and safely if injured.

POST-SEASON: C4 youth sports training will help you recover and stay fit physically, emotionally, and nutritionally after your sport’s season completes

Back 2 Field

Helping You Develop A Strong Foundation And Get Back To The Top of Your Game.

Run by physical therapists and certified coaches, a sport psychologist and nutritionists, we approach adult and youth performance with a medical foundation built on comprehensive proprietary testing procedures that allow us to identify imbalances, weaknesses, or deficits that could lead to poor athletic development and potential injury. 

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