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Membership Change Form

Thank you!

At CLM, we value our members and their well-being. In fact, it’s at the very top of our Core Values!

We hope that you have enjoyed your membership as much as we’ve enjoyed having you as part of the CLM family. Through the years we have worked very hard to build open, honest authentic relationships with our members and staff. Therefore we’re taking this opportunity to be completely transparent and ask for your help.

As you know, this past year has been extremely challenging for everyone, especially local business owners. As we bounce back from these financial hardships, we’re asking our long-time members (who have grandfathered membership agreements) to consider upgrading your membership. We’re asking that you pay $300 for an annual membership. We understand this may be higher than what you’ve been paying, however we’d like you to consider that our current members pay $1,068 for an annual membership. Also, important to remember are the renovations, upgrades and cost of living expenses that have risen since your contract was agreed upon.

At Club La Maison, we are loyal to our past, but excited for what the future brings. Help us bring that future to all of our members! We understand the importance of pursuing growth and embracing change  . . . we’re asking that you consider embracing this change.

Membership Change Form