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For many people, treadmills, ellipitcals and stair steppers can produce painful joint impacts around the knee, ankle and foot. But speeding around on a stationary bike keeps the pressure away and allows you to work out at top intensity.

New Cycle Class Studio in Wayne:

At Club La Maison in Wayne, we just built a brand new cycle studio for our members with state-of-the-art Stages equipment. So jump on a bike by yourself or with a group of friends and petal to the pumping beat of the music in our cycle classes. 

Why Cycle Classes?

Our cycle workouts burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and shape and tone your legs. Best of all, each bike is adjusted individually so you can progress at your own pace. Our cycle classes in Wayne are terrific for people at all exercise levels. This is one of the best ways to get your cardio workout in and enjoy a community of other cyclists. 

Never tried a cycle class? Don't worry because our classes offer something for everyone. There's nothing to fear - just hop on a bike and improve your health in a fun and vibrant environment. 

Free Cycle Class Pass in Wayne:

Whether you've been riding for years or want to jump on for the very first time, our classes have something for every level. Try it out for yourself and sign up for a free Cycle Studio class pass at Club La Maison in Wayne!


first-time visitors only; cannot be combined with other offers; must be 18+ with valid ID

Benefits Of Cycle Class?

Heart health should be a constant focus, and our cycle classes enable you to boost your heart health from day one. As we build endurance and lung capacity, you will experience less anxiety, stress and exertion with other tasks in life. This contributes to a healthier life overall.

This type of workout is low impact, which means you do not experience the same pain of impact as you experience from working out on a treadmill, elliptical or running on the road. Since cycling is low impact, it is also great for people who are recovery from leg or foot injury and need a quality rehabilitation exercise.

Your body takes time to get fully adjusted to cycle class. However, choosing spin class means that you can progress at your own pace. Unlike other workout classes where it becomes obvious if you fall behind, cycle class provides an opportunity to work at your level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the class, you can simultaneously work in the class at your own paces.

If you are looking for ways to burn calories in Wayne, cycle class is the right place for you. Most participants in a cycle class burn, on average, 500 calories per session. While other classes and workouts with equipment help their participants burn close to 500 calories, cycle class does a phenomenal job of working you and your body from start to finish.

How Does Cycle Class Affect My Body?

If you ask the general population how cycle class affects your body, most everyone would answer that it builds muscle and tone in your legs.

They are right.

However, a common myth exists that cycle class increases the size of your thighs. Let’s put that myth to rest. Cycle class works your slow twitch muscle fibers, which cannot increase in size. The fibers worked in cycling class are designed for long stretches of endurance.

If you do experience increased thigh size early on as you attend cycle class, do not equate it to the class itself. Simply, your muscles are temporarily inflamed since they are not accustomed to the extensive workout.

Cycle class works your entire body. It helps your core muscles as you consistently move your legs and your cardiovascular health as you build endurance. Because of the nature of cycle class, your controlled breathing will improve and lung capacity will increase, giving you more durable energy throughout the day.

If you think cycle class in Wayne is for you, give us a shot.