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Build strength and power with every rep in our dynamic group fitness class. Join the pack and unleash your full potential in our high-energy strength training sessions!

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Powerhouse Strength

Challenge yourself with this weight lifting focused class interspersed with core and cardio bursts. Excellent for building new muscle and toning.

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning Maximize your workout time with this efficient trifecta of fitness combining strength, cardio, and core in a challenging freestyle workout. Build strength and cardio endurance while burning fat and toning your core! Low impact modifications are always available!

Dynamic Strength

This class is the ultimate in body conditioning. Get a head to toe workout in this class using a variety of equipment.

Strength classes offer several health benefits, such as:

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That’s exactly what our instructors are here to help you for! There are a few ways you can know if you’re “doing it right”:

  1. Proper form: Pilates exercises should be performed with precise control and proper alignment. This means keeping your body in a neutral position, engaging your core muscles, and maintaining good posture.

  2. Mindful movement: Pilates emphasizes the importance of being mindful of your body and your movements. Pay attention to how your body feels as you perform each exercise, and make sure to breathe deeply and evenly throughout the class.

  3. Controlled breathing: Proper breathing technique is an important aspect of Pilates. Exhale as you exert effort and inhale as you release or relax.

  4. Progress: As you become more proficient in the Pilates method, you should notice an improvement in your strength, flexibility, and control. If you are not seeing progress, it may be a sign that you are not performing the exercises correctly.

Our staff is here for you for any questions you may have in class.

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