Get ready to pedal your way to a stronger body with our high-energy cycling group fitness class! Experience the thrill of the ride and the benefits of cardio and strength training in one dynamic workout.

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 Cycling Mixx

A cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs & sprints that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging.

Cycling Groove

Let the music take control.

This is a fun, high-paced rhythm ride set to great tunes that will keep you moving and grooving start to finish. Who said hard work can’t be fun? Your ride will be cadenced by the tempo of music.

Les Mills SPRINT

SPRINT is a 30-min pre-choreographed indoor cycling class that takes HIIT off of the floor and onto the bike. No impact, but work towards a heavy heart beat. 

Cycling Road Trip

The closest thing you’ll find to taking your stationary bike outside. Road riding conditions are simulated and set to upbeat, inspiring music to take your mind off your sweat, and sweat you will!

Cycling classes offer several health benefits, such as:

  • Cardiovascular benefits/ improve blood circulation

  • Builds and tones muscles in the legs, arms, and core

  • Low-impact exercise

  • Stress relief

  • Community and Fun!

You should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Athletic shorts or leggings and a tank top or t-shirt are a good choice. Athletic shoes are also recommended to provide proper support and cushioning for your feet during the class.

You can expect a high-energy workout that will get your heart pumping and burn calories. The class will include a combination of cardio and strength exercises, as well as an emphasis on proper form and technique.

Yes, you’ll be able to adjust the resistance or tension on the bike to match your fitness level and goals. The instructor will guide you through the process and will be able to assist you with finding the right setting for you.

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