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Massage therapist

Professional Health and Fitness company looking for compassionate, coachable people to help members build their healthy lifestyle.

Are you hungry to change your life?

Are you coachable?

Are you craving a Team atmosphere at work?

Are you looking to belong to something bigger than yourself?

Are you inquisitive?

Are you willing to give more than you ever expected to get in return?

If not...Club La Maison is not for you!


Why Club La Maison? What is our purpose?

We believe in energizing each and every CLM Team Member's aspirations of a better life - we just happen to provide the most meaningful health and fitness experience for our CLM family members too. Our team and its culture is our most important priority. We believe assembling a team that shares our values and our vision creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved in our purpose.


Our values are not just words that look good on paper; they are the basis for every decision we make.

Integrity: Do what you agree to do when you agree to do it.

Family: We deeply value the personal relationships we have in life.

Driven: We want people who want to be excellent.

Teamwork: Give more than you expect to get.

Innovation: Push the limits to develop significant positive change.

Hospitality: We strive to be the best part of each members day.


What We Do:

Club La Maison has been building healthy lifestyles on the mainline since 1983. Our complex recently received multi-million dollar state-of-the-art upgrades, including an expanded group exercise studio, an incredible cycle studio, a member lounge, an advanced training center, tranquil yoga studio, a soothing massage therapy studio and much more! At Club La Maison, we believe that the healthiest you is discovered during the pursuit of an integrated regimen of wellness services. Services that include Massage, Yoga, Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Spinning, tai chi, and a variety of programs for children.


Job Overview:

Club La Maison is currently seeking a part-time (quickly grow into full-time) Massage Therapist with entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Our vision is to grow our massage therapy services by offering a variety of massage techniques to compliment our integrated wellness model. The perfect candidate will be passionate about the benefits of health and wellness, driven to build new relationships by communicating the benefits of our programs, and have the long-term goal of leading the health and fitness industry. If you want to work in a progressive environment with a team who values work-life balance, employee relationships, independence and support please email Paul at Paulm@clublamaison.com


Essential Job Functions:

  • Live by our purpose, values and overall culture!

  • Provide 30, 60 and 90 minute massages

  • Work as an integrated discipline within the CLM team by attending meetings and CLM member functions

  • Educate CLM team member and CLM members regarding the benefits of consistent bodywork

  • Evaluate client needs and provide recommendations to assist with those needs.

  • Actively manage your schedule through our scheduling software

  • Utilize email and occasionally phone to answer questions and schedule clients

  • Responsible for the presentation of the massage therapy studio

If you want to work in a progressive environment with a team who values work-life balance, employee relationships, independence and support please email Paul at Paulm@clublamaison.com


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