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Facts and Myths of Fat Loss

Thursday, September 21st at 6:00 pm

Be part of our Facts and Myths of Fat Loss Workshop!

Welcome to our next exciting workshop in the Movement for Longevity series! Join us on Thursday, September 21, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, for a free, enlightening, and informative session that will change the way you think about fat loss.

What You'll Learn

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Meet the Specialists

Are you tired of sifting through conflicting information about fat loss? Our expert team is here to set the record straight.

Lauren – Registered Dietician: Discover the truth about nutrition and how it influences fat loss. Lauren will provide evidence-based insights and practical tips to fuel your journey.

Jacquie – Health Coach: Explore the behavioral aspects of fat loss. Jacquie will delve into how to put the information you learn in the workshop into action to create practical, sustainable change.

Nate – Personal Trainer: Get the facts on effective workouts. Nate will guide you through exercise strategies that optimize fat loss and improve overall fitness.

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Thursday, September 21st at 6:00 pm


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