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Group Exercise

Group Exercise

Never Alone, Never Bored.
Choose from 100+ weekly classes!

Research has shown that one of the most common reasons for quitting an exercise program is boredom. That will never be the case if you immerse yourself in the Group Exercise curriculum at Club La Maison!

With more than 100 classes to choose from each week, you'll stay motivated and interested as our energetic and always-friendly instructors guide you through each workout, with unique movements and styles of music to keep your body and mind stimulated.

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Our doors are open to veterans of Group Exercise and for those who want to attend their first ever class. Whether you're looking to burn fat, tone muscle, strengthen your heart and bones or increase flexibility, Club La Maison has a selection that will be perfect for your age and fitness level.

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Testimonial: Kelly Glacken

"I love all of the programs that are offered at CLM. I am a huge fan of the Group Exercise as well as SGT. I  adore the childcare that is offered. In addition, I think that it is great that CLM offers programs for children and young adults. I think the staff at CLM has done a great job at making a community.

CLM is a great place to workout as well as to spend time. I think it is great that they celebrate the staff with parties and contests. I think CLM is very warm and friendly. I know there is a lot of competition in the area but I do not think anything can compare to CLM."