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Health Coaching

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Introducing La Maison
Health Coaching:

We understand the challenges posed by chronic diseases and the importance of proactive health management. Our dedicated Health Coach works with you to create a personalized, client-centered plan that addresses your unique needs and health goals.

Drawing on research, science, and expertise in behavior change, our coach will guide and support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll focus on creating a personalized plan to help you overcome your health challenges. 

By making positive lifestyle changes, you can greatly reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your overall well-being, and take control of your health. It’s time to rewrite your health story.

State of Health
in the US

Six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, and shockingly, over a quarter of Americans live with two or more chronic conditions. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability across the nation.

The impact on healthcare costs is significant, with 90% of US healthcare expenses attributed to individuals with chronic and mental health conditions.

What's causing these chronic diseases? The answer lies in four key risk factors: tobacco use, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and excessive alcohol consumption.

What is Health Coaching?

Have you ever followed a diet or workout plan that promised results but left you feeling unsatisfied or unable to maintain it? You’re not alone. Many plans are designed without considering your unique needs, priorities, and lifestyle, making them difficult to sustain. It’s time to shift the focus away from blame, as the fault lies with the plan, not you. That’s where Health Coaching comes in.

Health Coaching is a collaborative process between a coach and a client. Together, they create a personalized, client-centered plan that supports individual needs and health goals, leading to lasting behavior change. Grounded in research and science, coaches are trained in behavior change theories, motivational strategies, and health education. They leverage these tools to help clients develop health-related goals and establish an actionable plan for achieving them.

Unlike generic approaches, Health Coaching acknowledges that everyone’s journey is unique. By working with a coach, you gain the power to tailor a plan specifically for you – one that aligns with your values, fits your circumstances, and accounts for the realities of your life. The coach’s role is to guide and support you as you explore your health aspirations, enhance your skills and knowledge, create actionable steps, and ultimately achieve the outcomes you desire.

Why Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a powerful catalyst for behavior change, with a laser focus on your well-being.  Grounded in research and science, health coaching is proven to enhance health behaviors like physical activity, nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management, and sleep hygiene, among others. Beyond transforming your health habits, health coaching also fosters self-awareness, boosts self-efficacy, enhances health knowledge, and instills confidence in making informed health decisions.

Meet Our
Health Coach

Jacquie has nine years of experience in health and fitness, with four of those years at LMHF. She holds an MS in Integrative Wellness and is a national board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC). She is also a certified personal trainer (ACE), holds behavior change and fitness nutrition certifications, and is a certified Les Mills Sprint and Grit instructor. Jacquie started her career as a personal trainer and quickly realized that there was so much more to health and wellness than just exercise. “That’s why I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Integrative Wellness. I am able to apply evidence-based behavior change strategies that can aid in weight loss, healthy eating, regular physical activity, stress management, and overall improvements to health and wellbeing,” shares Jacquie. She loves being able to help our members achieve lasting results and healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Health Coaching
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