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Lean & Mean

Get Lean & Mean.
Become A Fitness Machine.

Lean & Mean is a results-driven group training program at Club La Maison that will get you in the best shape of your life! Developed and led by our own expert personal trainers, Lean & Mean targets three types of exercise - strength, cardio and metabolic (aka, fat loss) - to ensure that your entire body is lean and mean!

In the Lean & Mean program, you have the ability to track your body's progress. We offer weekly and bi-monthly testing sessions, workshops and challenges, where you can measure body metrics (weight, body fat percentage, BMI, etc) and push yourself to reach new fitness limits (like push-ups and pull-ups).

Sessions are offered all day, every day to fit your schedule. It’s simply the best way to train at Club La Maison! To request information about the Lean & Mean program, email Train@ClubLaMaison.com.


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