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Lean & Mean

Get Lean & Mean.
Become A Fitness Machine.

Lean & Mean is a results-driven group training program at Club La Maison that will get you in the best shape of your life! Developed and led by our own expert personal trainers, Lean & Mean targets three types of exercise - strength, cardio and metabolic (aka, fat loss) - to ensure that your entire body is lean and mean!

In the Lean & Mean program, you have the ability to track your body's progress. We offer weekly and bi-monthly testing sessions, workshops and challenges, where you can measure body metrics (weight, body fat percentage, BMI, etc) and push yourself to reach new fitness limits (like push-ups and pull-ups).

Sessions are offered all day, every day to fit your schedule. It’s simply the best way to train at Club La Maison! To request information about the Lean & Mean program, email Train@ClubLaMaison.com.


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strength training workshop for runners

Please use this form to reserve your spot in the six week small group training designed for specifically for runners. Club membership is NOT required to participate in this workshop.

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