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Want to move better, feel better and look better?

We offer Small Group Attention at a Large Group Price!

Unlock Your Best Self with
La Maison Health & Fitness

Love the camaraderie of team training but want a more individualized approach? At La Maison, our smaller class sizes guarantee a personalized workout experience. Our trainers are committed to your progress, ensuring every session is finely tuned to meet your fitness goals. 

The Challenges We Tackle:

Overcoming Plateaus

Are you stuck in a fitness plateau, yearning to break free and see real, lasting results? Our LMFit program provides the personalized attention needed to propel you past those barriers, unlocking your full potential.

Struggling with Motivation

It's common to feel lost and unmotivated on your fitness journey. Our small, intimate LMFit classes ensure you never feel like just another face in the crowd. We keep you accountable, motivated, and actively engaged in achieving your goals.

Dealing with Injuries

Have past injuries or concerns held you back from reaching your fitness peak? At La Maison we understand the importance of safety. Our LMFit program, with its smaller group settings, allows for close attention to detail, ensuring a safe environment for those transitioning from other programs.

What is LMFit?

Dynamic Small Group Training:

LMFit is La Maison's dynamic Functional Interval Training program, offering small group workouts that provide the perfect blend of accountability and enjoyment. Join a supportive team environment where fitness becomes a shared journey, led by our expert personal trainers.

Results-Driven 45-Minute Sessions:

Experience targeted and effective workouts with our 45-minute sessions. Each workout is meticulously crafted by our personal trainers to ensure maximum impact in a condensed timeframe. With limited spaces per session, you'll receive personalized attention to accelerate your fitness results.

Flexible Membership Options:

Whether you're already part of La Maison's Personal Training Program or seeking a standalone fitness experience, LMFit offers flexible membership options. Included in our gym's Personal Training Program agreements or available for separate purchase, LMFit provides accessibility and customization for your fitness journey.
Discover LMFit and redefine your approach to achieving your fitness goals.

Why La Maison Health & Fitness?

Move Better

LMFit is designed to enhance your overall movement. Whether you're aiming to improve flexibility, strength, or endurance, our La Maison Health & Fitness sessions provide the attention and guidance necessary for you to move better than ever before.

Feel Better

Say goodbye to feeling ignored and hello to a supportive community that cares about your well-being. La Maison Health & Fitness and our LMFit sessions foster an environment where you not only feel better physically but also emotionally, empowered by every step in your fitness journey.

Look Better

Our goal is your transformation. La Maison Health & Fitness addresses the desire to look better by tailoring LMFit workouts to your unique needs, emphasizing form, and focusing on areas that matter most to you.

Meet the Trainers

All of the personal trainers at La Maison Health & Fitness hold a nationally recognized Personal Training Certification or a 4-year degree and the latest industry-leading qualifications. This means that each trainer understands how to get the results that matter to you.

Josh Stephens

Personal Trainer

Rachael Harrity

Personal Trainer

Logan Young

Personal Trainer

Robert (Bobby) Goldschmidt Jr

Personal Trainer

Gisele Chud

Personal Trainer

La Maison offers:

  • A newly-renovated 38,000 square foot facility
  • Brand new, cutting-edge cardio and weight equipment
  • 70+ Group Exercise Classes
  • An Indoor Track and Pool for year-round fitness goals
  • Highly rated child and family programming
  • Fully furnished locker rooms
  • Our brand new, All-Natural, whole food shake bar!
  • And more!

Our members give us

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