Muscles & MOM-osa's!

Saturday, May 7th,  9:30 am

You're Invited!

Please join us for a 45 minute total strength and conditioning workout followed by mimosas, fruit & yogurt parfait and more!
Plus, surprise gifts for all moms who attend!


Saturday, May 7th
9:30 am


FREE to members and non-members,
open to the public


Advance registration is required.
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10 Reasons Why Exercise
Might Make You an Even Better Mom

  •  Enhance self-love

  • Healthy role modeling

  • Blow off steam

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • Increase long-term strength
  • Reduce anxiety and improve your mood

  • Exercise helps your memory

  • Move outdoors for stress recovery

  • Increase optimism

  • Avoid depression
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La Maison Health & Fitness | Wayne, PA
Muscles & MOM-osa's

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