Happy Fitness Month from Club La Maison

Happy Fitness Month from Club La Maison

Each May is recognized as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month; however, we celebrate the benefits of health and well-being every day at Club La Maison.

To us, fitness is more than a simple, sometimes begrudging, trip to the gym. Fitness is a lifestyle, a mindset, and a path to overall wellness. Making time for a workout doesn’t just help balance your life, it improves it.

That’s easy for you to say ...

Sure, you may be skeptical. In fact, most people view fitness as a means to an end, or a way to lose unwanted weight. With busy schedules and no structure for workouts, dedicating yourself to a fitness plan can be hard work.

From a recent survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control, the study found that only 20.6% of Americans meet the required exercise guidelines for physical health.

That means that nearly 80% of Americans are not engaging in the right amount of exercise. This means that, even if you are exercising, you need a helping hand to guide you in the right direction, creating meaningful workouts that combine aerobic exercise, weight training, and activities you truly enjoy.

The same CDC survey discovered that half of survey participants were either meeting the aerobic or the muscle strengthening guidelines, but not both. With a little help, many people can get the combined aerobic and strength training necessary for an active lifestyle. We are here to help.

5 Ways to Get Into Physical Fitness

Our goal is to help you not only enjoy your fitness routine, but to continue to seek it out, change it up, prioritize it, and even look forward to this time for yourself.

Whether you want tips for new workouts, ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, or advice on how to manage your busy life and attain your fitness goals, our staff is here for you. To help get you started on National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, here are our 5 tips to get into your new routine – and love it, too! Want to come try them with us? Get your free 14-day guest pass here.

1. Set Goals

When we talk about setting goals, we don’t mean goals like “lose 10 pounds” or “fit into my bathing suit by next month.” Sometimes goals that are either too ambitious or specific leave you frustrated and unable to commit.

Instead, we are talking about goals that contribute to your overall wellness. Ideas for these goals include:

  • Do something active each day
  • Try one new class per week
  • Feel stronger (or more confident, healthier, in control, etc.)

Focusing on ways to improve the way you feel and how you take care of yourself result in better lifestyle changes. Additionally, allowing room for rest and for slip-ups (you’re only human, after all!) help you recharge, refocus, and rediscover the reasons you began exercising in the first place.

2. Change It Up

The worst thing that can happen when you are trying to start a fitness routine is to be bored by it. Boredom causes you to seek out things that are more interesting – like binge watching a new Netflix series on the couch instead of working out!

Not only will the same exercises cause you to get bored, but you may also see your results plateau. Even if you began seeing some differences in your weight or strength, eventually these results will become stagnant. Your body will become used to this exercise, making results difficult to keep achieving, and probably bringing you right back to the boredom phase.

Just as you would not want to eat the same thing day after day, you don’t want to do the same with your fitness routine. Your body craves variety, and changing it up makes all the difference!

Working different muscle groups each day, trying a new class, or switching from a jog to a high intensity interval training cardio session gives your body a new way to react. This principle is shown in many popular workouts today that focus on “muscle confusion” or changing workouts to make each different muscle group work harder to achieve results.

The most important thing to remember, especially if you are new to exercise, is to simply commit to some form of exercise to get started. When you are ready to change things up and experiment at the gym, talk to our staff.

3. Strike a Balance

As we mentioned above, you can’t always do the same thing with every workout – and the same goes for overdoing it with your workouts.

To prevent injuries and to keep your body moving, rest is essential to creating impact in your exercise routine. Rather than burning out or getting hurt, we want you to take time to rest up and feel ready to tackle your next workout.

A few ways you can rest include:

  • Taking a yoga class
  • Swimming laps, especially if your workouts currently are high-impact on your joints
  • Going for an evening walk
  • Stretching routines
  • Using your workout time to catch up with a friend, a family member, or spouse
  • Making healthy meals for the week to fuel your workouts

Taking time to unwind can make all the difference in keeping your goals on track.

4. Bring a Friend

One of the most important aspects of fitness and sports is socialization. While there are many exercises you can do alone, adding a friend makes things more fun and keeps you both accountable.

Here are a few ways to have fun with friends while working out:

  • Attend a class together
  • Offer to spot each other while lifting weights
  • Partner up for sports, either as a team or one-on-one
  • Find workouts that require two people, such as tossing a medicine ball back and forth or a relay race on the indoor track
  • If you can’t workout together (for instance, if your friend is in another city), create an exercise calendar and check in with each other to keep each other committed
  • Join an online workout group. Peer pressure can be a positive thing

With a friend, you are able to stay motivated while also catching up with someone who you care about. Even if you don’t have someone who can join you, a personal trainer can be alongside you to push you through each and every workout.

5. Have Fun

No one said physical fitness had to be serious business. Just as important as it was to get out and play as a child, playtime is even more valuable as an adult!

Although you want to find an exercise that is challenging and interesting, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. With options like cycle and barre, our classes can take you back to activities you once loved (riding your bike and ballet), and you can enjoy them in a reimagined way.

The best way to find out what will be fun for you is to identify your personality. Maybe you are a little competitive and taking a class surrounded by others keeps you stimulated. Perhaps you are a little stressed and blowing off steam with cardio helps. Or, you might just need a way to ease into your morning (or evening) with a calming yoga session.

Identifying what will make you happy at the end of your workout allows you to have fun along the way.

Let’s Get Started!

Beginning a workout routine, or starting over with your routine, is a wonderful first step! Now that Physical Fitness Month is here, there is no better time to start taking care of yourself.

At Club La Maison, we know that getting into a new lifestyle takes time and patience. That’s why we offer a free, 14-day guest pass to jumpstart your routine. For two weeks, you can explore all we have to offer, talk to our staff, and identify goals that are realistic for you.

Get started now by exploring our facility, our classes, and how our services can get you into a great fitness routine today.

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