Personal Trainers: Behind the Scenes

Personal Trainers: Behind the Scenes


If this is a word you often find yourself saying when it comes to working out, achieving your fitness goals, or getting out of your workout rut, then you are in luck. “Help” is the one word we use to describe the service of personal training.

Often, we hear people ask, “Don’t trainers just stand there, count reps, and push you to do one more exercise?” Well … sure, sometimes.

More often than not, though, personal trainers are actively helping clients reach their goals. Quality personal trainers are able to assist clients overcome even the most challenging of perceived physical limitations.

How Can A Personal Trainer Help?

One of our valued clients comes to mind as an example of what can be accomplished through hard work and a little help from a qualified professional. This client came to me in his early 60s, in fairly good shape, except for one main concern: he had no cartilage in either knee.

This condition developed primarily from his days of running for a Division I college program and then continuing with similar training into his adult years. Now, an average trainer may advise this client never to bend his knee more than 90 degrees and that squats are out of the question. The average trainer may tell him to keep wearing his two massive knee braces whenever he intended to work out, or move at all for that matter.

Instead, his personal trainer at Club La Maison chose to create a strength training program, focusing on his posterior chain and core. With the help of kettle bell deadlifts and, eventually, swings, we were able to build a significant amount of strength and stabilization. This newfound stability allowed the client to take stress off of the knee joint.

After working with a personal trainer regularly to regain his strength, this client now has run a 5K without knee braces or pain! At the gym, he can do double kettlebell front squats with 28 kilogram bells – what an incredible change! With the help of a personal trainer, our client is now able to enjoy running again, despite a medical condition that previously held him back.

Certified Trainers Who Get You Results

While, from afar, it may look like trainers simply count reps, drink coffee, and talk about how bad the Phillies are this year, it’s more likely that they are helping a radical life change occur.

The client’s story we mentioned is just one of many success stories that have been told, thanks to the trainers at Club La Maison. Our entire training staff is committed to staying on the cutting edge of fitness certification and education. Each of our trainers holds either an exercise-related degree or a personal training certification from an accredited organization.

Along with staying educated and updated on fitness methods, our trainers also set themselves apart by reaching out to our community. Our trainers provide useful tips and lessons that can help you achieve specific fitness goals. If you are interested in taking advantage of our trainers’ educational outreach, attend our upcoming presentation on July 15th, and a subsequent workshop on strength training for distance running.

At the presentation, Nate Kennedy, one of our trainers who has also coached Track and Field for the past 10 years, will educate the community on the benefits of strength training and how to implement it in an endurance athlete’s training programs. He will also debunk a lot of the myths that are associated with strength training for distance runners. If you are a runner, coach, or have some other interest in other endurance sports, keep a look out for more information on this workshop.

A Holistic Approach to Health

Along with our commitment to finding the best personal trainers, Club La Maison also has a number of additional services to improve the overall health and well being of our members. These services include massage for muscle recovery, nutrition advice from our staff dietician, and physical therapy to get you back on track towards your fitness goals.

If you are interested in learning more about these services, please visit our integrated wellness page to see how we can create a successful plan for your fitness journey.

Personal Training in Wayne, PA

Are you ready to get started with your personal trainer? To help you get started, we offer a complementary Fitstart process. Fitstart is a 45-minute session that explores your exercise history, current fitness state, and goals.

After the session, you and your trainer develop a plan together to achieve your goals. Your recommended plan often will include personal training to help you stay accountable to your workouts, to assist you in keeping your workouts diverse and challenging, and to give you the best results.

Club La Maison has a variety of training options to choose from, and we would be happy to explain all the options to you. We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals through personal training! Please come in and see us today, or send us an email at

By: Jason Losey


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