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Personal Training

Individualized Programming, Premium Facilities

Personal Training

Your Fitness Goal is Our Focus!

Your trainer will take the time to get to know you, your interests, your current exercise routine, your diet, and your goals to create a training regimen that fits your lifestyle. Along with creating a personalized workout schedule for you, our personal trainers are here to help you with the club’s equipment, hold you accountable to your goals, and coach you to become a healthier version of yourself.

A Higher Standard

We pride ourselves in holding our personal training program to a higher standard. All of the personal trainers at our Wayne fitness gym hold a nationally recognized Personal Training Certification or a 4-year degree and the latest industry-leading qualifications. This means that each trainer understands how to get the results that matter to you.

Before we schedule our first session together, we’ll sit down and evaluate your lifestyle, habits, and short and long-term goals to determine the program that works specifically for you. Your trainer at our Wayne facility will have a personal training program in place when you start your first session. We believe, and science proves, that a year-round training regimen that adapts with your body and the season produces the best and longest-lasting results! Finally, we track metrics such as body fat percentage, aerobic conditioning level, and more to keep your plan on track. By keeping a dedicated log of where you’ve been, we can take you somewhere new!

Personalized Training Programs

By having a personal trainer by your side, you have a partner who is dedicated to your success and health. When you invest in a personal trainer, you invest in your well-being!

Semi-Private Training

Bring the individually tailored focus of personal training together with the energy and accountability of peer workouts, and you have semi-private training. Your trainer will learn the needs and abilities of each member of the group and create a workout that lets you work individually but together! A great way to add training to your regimen at a more affordable price.

Small Group Training

LMFit, Functional Interval Training, is a results-driven small group training program at La Maison that will accelerate your results by giving you the accountability (and fun!) of working out with a team. Developed and coached by our own expert Fitness Pros, LMFit is held in 45 minute sessions with no more than 10 participants. LMFit sessions are included in our Wayne fitness gym’s Personal Training Program agreements or can be purchased separately

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