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Why Pilates Classes

Pilates delivers many health benefits to those who incorporate it into their lifestyle. As a helpful contrast to weight bearing workouts, elongates and strengthens the muscles, improving elasticity and joint mobility.

First, it also develops a strong core, your abdominals and muscles in the back closest to the spine, which helps prevent bodily imbalance, injury and chronic back pain – allowing you to live a healthier, happier life!

Our classes in Wayne are perfect for people of all exercise levels and training. These classes are a perfect supplement to other exercise forms and is a terrific way to strengthen your body overall. Many Wayne residents enjoy these classes because it’s something different than regular cardio and weight lifting. Therefore, it helps us all move and live better.  

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Pilates at CLM

At Club La Maison, our instructors are experienced and certified with more than 700 hours of comprehensive training. You’ll feel as if you’re taking a class at the most popular studio, and then have access to all the additional benefits of our fitness complex in Wayne!

Most people in Wayne have to join separate studios to take advantage of the many benefits of Pilates. At Club La Maison, you can attend Mat Classes as part of your membership (at no additional cost).

We also have state-of-the-art balanced body reformers for our Pilates equipment classes and private training. All together, we offer a great variety of over 35 classes a week for all levels.


Pilates has no limitations on who should participate in the sessions. Whether male or female, young or senior, pilates offers exercises that specifically strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. If you are looking for pilates classes in Wayne that will provide you short-term pleasure with long-term health benefits, Club La Maison provides just what you need.

For those who struggle with flexibility and posture, pilates fits right into what you need. When you sit at a desk or in an office for eight to 10 hours per day, your back tends to cause pain. You need to work out those muscles to avoid any long-term impact. By practicing specific movements that rely on control, balance and precision, you consistently work out those poor, stiff habits that your body likes to rely on.

If you are looking for a way to avoid the weightlifting and machinery, pilates may be the answer for you. With minimal equipment required, our pilates at Club La Maison can change the way you look simply by stretching the core muscles and being dedicated to the practice.

In each of our pilates classes in Wayne, you have a trainer that leads the session along with others participating in the session. Each of our sessions last between 45 to 55 minutes based on the instructor’s preference and level of experience.

For a beginner’s class, we simply want you to get acquainted with pilates and what you can expect each session. Typically, we open up each class with simple breathing exercises that allow you to relieve any stress from the day. After getting to a comfortable, calming phase, we go through basic exercises that work your abdominal muscles, back and core.

As you work your way into more experienced and more intense classes, the exercises will further work your core muscles. Pilates is all about building your core muscles consistently. When you enter a pilates class, you need to be there both physically and mentally. If you are present, you will see the most results. Our pilates instructors in Wayne will train you to focus solely on the class.

When you actively participate in our pilates classes in Wayne, you should expect to see a change in your body. However, the routines will not lead to bulky, protruding muscles. Rather, pilates focuses on the inner core.

Pilates lengthens your inner core muscles as you work and strengthen them. Once you continually practice pilates and begin to see results, you find that your body becomes sleek and toned, your abdomen seems flat and your thighs slender.

While pilates and yoga certainly have similarities in practice, pilates has a key few differences that may help you easily determine your route.

Pilates focuses on the mind and body and how those two are interwoven. Yoga does the same, but adds an extra element--spirituality. Yoga’s focus on spirituality and how that plays a role in your daily exercise routine separates it from pilates.

For each class, pilates has more of a set structure. Because of this, you have an understanding, and possibly an expectation, of what will occur each class. Yoga, on the other hand, offers flexibility to the program. Each instructor can change his or her routine at ease. For some, this is attractive. For others, not so much.

Yoga also incorporates meditation to bring in each participant’s focus and ease any worries. However, we understand that meditation is not for everyone. If you prefer to leave meditation out of your routine, our Club La Maison pilates class is your best choice.

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