Racquet Sport Training

Helping you get stronger, so you can enjoy the sport you love!

Do you play tennis, pickleball
or paddle tennis? 

La Maison Health & Fitness is now offering an 8-week training program specifically for racquet sports! This program is $399 and is open to members and non-members, so grab your fellow racquet teammates and get signed up today!


8-Week Training Progam

Created by Jason Losey, LMHF Fitness Director and Dr. Mulholland, a licensed physician board certified in Family Medicine, Sports, and Exercise Medicine, this program was created to help racquet players get stronger and learn to move safely especially through those repetitive movements that can often cause injury.


Play better, safer, longer!

This program will not only help you get stronger and improve your game, but you will learn how to move safely on the court, preventing injury and strengthening those over used muscles.  Ultimately allowing you to play the game you love, longer! 


Starting December 19th

The program runs for 8-weeks from December 19th through February 6th.  Sessions will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 am.  Can’t make during that timeslot? No worries! We may be able to create a new day/time if there is enough interest. 

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