Here for You

We are putting all our efforts into making it safe for you to stay healthy!

Here for You

We are putting all our
efforts into making it safe for you to stay healthy!

Safety Partnership Agreement

The health of our members has always been our first priority. Since 1983, Club La Maison has adapted to new health trends, new fitness equipment and new generations of members. Now, we are prepared to adapt to the new normal. Your health is still our Number 1 priority, so we are putting all our efforts and resources into making it safe for you to stay healthy!

We truly are in this together, and to keep the club safe for use we will need to work together. This page covers everything we will be doing to make CLM a safe place to work out. Before your first visit we’ll send you the Safety Partnership Member Agreement. We will ask that it be signed upon your first visit.


Together, we can do this. We promise to do our part!

Cleaning Protocols

To ensure that the club meets all CDC and local government standards for cleanliness, here’s what we’re doing:

Equipment, surfaces, locker rooms and other member accessed space will be cleaned and disinfected by club staff at regular intervals (based upon club usage, but at a minimum of every 4 hours) with hospital-approved disinfectant.

In addition we will perform a rigorous, deep-cleaning and disinfecting process each night after closing.

Disposable gloves, disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer will be available to all employees.

High touch points will be disinfected regularly throughout the day by staff members.

Sanitation supplies will be available to members upon request.

There will be increased locations of sanitation stations and wipe dispensers.

Club Entry Procedures

We’ll have to vary just a little bit from our old “wave you in because we know you” process:

Employees will be screened and evaluated upon entering the facility at the start of every shift.

Members will be screened upon arrival for each visit.

Individuals who exhibit signs of illness, such as a fever over 100.4°F, cough, or shortness of breath will be asked not to enter the facility and to seek medical attention.

Club capacity will follow the limitations provided by the state and local government in relation to the club’s square footage and fire occupancy

Social Distancing

The way we work out and socialize at the club will look a little different now:

We will facilitate social distancing in all areas of the club and the outdoor properties of the club. Look for signage and guidance from club staff to control traffic patterns and help us all practice social distancing. 

Members will be asked to share responsibility of respecting social distancing while in the club.

Handshaking, high fives, fist bumps, and other person-to-person contact will be prohibited.

Group fitness and training will have limited attendance based on studio size. Because class size will be limited, class pre-registration will be required. Walk-ins will not be permitted.

Exercise equipment will be moved (or closed) where appropriate to ensure safe distancing between machines that are in use.

Protecting Ourselves and Each Other

If we all work together to follow basic protocols, we can keep the club safe for everyone:

Staff will be provided with face masks, which will be required to be worn in the club at all times. Gloves will be available, but not required, for staff members.

Members will be required to wear face coverings all times in the club.

Club staff and members are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after any class, training session, or when switching workout areas.

Members will be expected to clean equipment with anti-bacterial cleaner before and after each use.

Only clean equipment should be placed back in a storage rack or container to be ready for next use

Temporarily Unavailable

The following services or facilities will be temporarily unavailable. We will phase them back in when it is deemed safe to do so:

Massage Services

Steam Rooms

Locker room showers will be available (with selected showers closed to ensure proper distancing), but no toiletries or hairdryers will be provided

The Indoor Pool is open except during private swimming lessons or Physical Therapy sessions.