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Maximum Results. Minimum Time.

It's time to get results you can see in the mirror!

Our scientifically proven, 20-minute, sprint-intensity interval program activates your body’s natural growth hormones to help you build lean muscle and cut body fat up to 27%.
It’s easy to get started too, because Sprint 8 is available at the touch of a button on all of the Matrix cardio products at La Maison Health & Fitness.   


Virtually anyone can fit Sprint 8 into their busy lifestyle. In just 20 minutes, you’ll take on eight 30-second, all-out sprints designed to push you to your limit. With just three workouts a week, you’ll soon have results you can see.


This scientifically validated program uses high-intensity exercise to strongly stimulate a natural human growth hormone that burns fat and builds muscle in a way fad workouts can’t. In fact, Sprint 8 has been proven to trim body fat by up to 27% and significantly, reduce bad cholesterol levels after just 8 weeks. 


It’s easy to start this new program because it’s all pre-programmed and available at the touch of a button on select cardio machines at La Maison Health & Fitness. Just select the Sprint 8 program and you’ll be on your way to maximum results in minimum time.

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Sprint 8

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