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Anne McGonagle

Experience Teaching: 8 years of experience teaching swim lessons and coaching competitive swim throughout South Jersey.

Swim area(s) of expertise: I work with people of all ages and skill levels. I LOVE a challenge from an extremely scared child to a competitive high school swimmer, or adult beginner. No matter the challenge we will get to the finish line together!

How I got into teaching: Being in the water throughout my life for fun or competition has led me to share that love with others. I love teaching swimming; a life skill that I firmly believe everyone should know. I also love seeing kids progress in the water. I’ve had students that I started teaching at 6 months old that I have watched grow over the years, which is beyond rewarding. Knowing that I taught them something that they’ll keep forever is really satisfying. I’ll never get tired of the bonds I make with students and their parents too. Teaching a life skill is always going to be the most rewarding part of my job. It’s the greatest feeling knowing that these kids will always have this skill and that they’ve learned to swim and become confident in the water because of my teaching. It’s also rewarding when kids start getting excited to swim. A lot of times it takes some getting used to, but when my students reach the point where they can barely wait to get into the water, it makes me so happy.

Available on Thursdays.