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Dave Foster

Years of experience teaching:

I have been teaching swimming for 20 years.

I am comfortable teaching any age and any level of swimming, but I have always had a passion for working with individuals with diverse abilities. My first experiences teaching swimming were during my time at WCU studying Special Education. They offered an Adaptive Aquatics course, which I liked so much, that after the course ended, I continued working with the class as a volunteer for another 3 semesters. Later I worked at the Y where I gained a lot of experience working with every age group and swimming level, from Water Babies to seasoned adults. My approach adapts to different learning styles, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the countless advantages of swimming. My teaching philosophy centers around making learning fun. I believe that kids learn best through play, so I incorporate a variety of games into lessons, each designed to target specific skills we’re working on. But swimming isn’t just about fun; it’s a life-skill that offers numerous benefits, from exercise and mobility to social interaction and even physical therapy. My goal is for swim class to be a fun, positive experience, imparting skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Available on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.