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Logan Young

Personal Trainer

Logan has been part of the LMHF team for four years. He is ACE and CPT certified and holds a  BA in Psychology Education.  Logan admits to being chubby growing up and understands how difficult it can be to break free from a sedentary lifestyle, with poor eating habits. “Using my own personal experiences, I try to help people understand that making incremental changes help make the bigger goals more possible and more sustainable for the long run. If I can do it, anyone can,” Logan shares. 

Logan likes to focus on mobility, and always incorporates stretching into his clients’ routines, to reduce injury, increase flexibility and alleviate muscle tension. But his biggest motivation is being able to help people reach their goals whether it’s through moving better, feeling better, or looking better. This most inspiring aspect of his day is sharing these accomplishments with his clients!

Fun Fact About Logan: He is a HUGE Batman fan and actually has a Joker Card tatoo!

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