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Social Media Manager

Caitlin recently joined the La Maison Health & Fitness team. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Luxury Brand Marketing & Management (which we knew was a perfect fit for us!), as well as a Hubspot Search Engine Optimization Certificate and a Social Media Strategy Certificate. After her mother’s cancer diagnosis, she knew she wanted to make fitness part of her lifestyle. This opportunity particularly interested her because she had already been exploring the fitness industry on her own as she became more advanced with her lifting.   “Content creation related to the fitness industry has a lot of potential, so I was excited when I saw that La Maison Health & Fitness was hiring a Social Media Manager!” Caitlin shares.


Fun fact about Caitlin:  She is an only child and was adopted from Guangzhou, China at 14 months. She grew up in Chester Springs, PA but lived in London for 4 months and traveled to 7 countries while she was abroad.


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