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Marketing Assistant

Caroline Duerr brings a unique blend of creativity, storytelling prowess, and a passion for making a difference to her role as Marketing Assistant. With 6 years of experience managing and marketing a women-led surf school in Manasquan, NJ, paired with 7 years of coaching advanced surf teams and camps, she has honed her marketing skills in a dynamic environment. Caroline holds an Associates of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising, providing a solid foundation in marketing principles. Her personal experiences growing up at the Jersey Shore, engaged in activities like surfing, skateboarding, and soccer, align seamlessly with her professional journey, combining fitness and marketing.

Caroline is recognized for her ability to forge meaningful connections and create a supportive environment fostering growth and commitment. The most inspiring aspect of her job is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, whether through engaging campaigns or fostering a supportive community. With a dedication to personal and collective growth, she looks forward to bringing this same passion and dedication to La Maison Health and Fitness

Fun Fact about Caroline:   Skateboarding has brought her to 17 U.S states, Germany and Denmark twice!

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