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Membership Director

Nate’s journey began as a personal trainer at La Maison Health and Fitness, where he had the privilege of working closely with clients of diverse backgrounds and goals. Crafting personalized training programs, he witnessed firsthand the profound impact that tailored fitness could have on individuals’ lives. Eager to contribute more, Nate transitioned into managing new member assessments, refining his ability to connect with individuals, understand their unique needs, and set them on a path to success.

Building on these experiences, Nate now proudly serves as the Membership Director at La Maison Health and Fitness. In this role, he’s been able to draw from his extensive industry insights to lead membership initiatives that foster a vibrant community of individuals dedicated to healthier living. His background in personal training and direct engagement with clients has given him a comprehensive understanding of what our members seek, enabling Nate to craft offerings that resonate and inspire.


Fun Fact about Nate:  He’s really good at single hand clapping!

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