Jen McGovern

Personal Trainer

Jen McGovern has been part of the La Maison Health & Fitness team for almost 10 years. She is NASM certified as well as AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills GRIT, Sprint, BodyPump, BodyCombat, and Core certified. Jen works closely with her clients to share with others what was so generously given to her – a fitness experience that changed her life! 

“I took my first group fitness class 10 years ago, and it without a doubt changed my life. I’ll never forget how incredible it felt to learn that I was actually strong. Plus there was this amazing community that not only accepted this newbie, but supported and encouraged me to achieve goals I never knew were possible,” Jen shares. 

Her goal is to show her clients that they are stronger than they believe. And whether or not they succeed at something, the glory is in the fact that they tried. That the gym isn’t a scary place where they will be judged, but a safe place, where they can feel empowered to challenge their own limiting beliefs.

Fun Fact About Jen: She was in her 30’s when she started exercising!

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