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Build strength and power with every rep in our dynamic group fitness class. Join the pack and unleash your full potential in our high-energy strength training sessions!

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Les Mills BODYPUMP – Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. Low Impact class. 

Total Body Burn – Freestyles format that is filled with creative exercises for all levels. The instructor will take you through a variety of fitness exercises that will give you a total over all body workout.

Shape – This class is designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Each week is a different routine.

Les Mills GRIT – This is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups. 

Les Mills CORE – This expertly designed Les Mills Core class provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body. A strong core makes you better in everything you do, from day to day life to sports. 

Powerhouse Strength – Challenge yourself with this weight lifting focused class interspersed with core and cardio bursts. Excellent for building new muscle and toning.

Bootcamp Circuit – High intensity interval cardio and strength training. Explore a different interval format each week, from AMRAPs to Tabatas and everything in between. High Impact Class with Low Impact options provided.

Total Body Conditioning – Maximize your workout time with this efficient trifecta of fitness combining strength, cardio, and core in a challenging freestyle workout. 

Camp Carl – A circuit style class that will get you moving with traditional strength and cardio exercises plus a little extra from Carl.

Dynamic Strength – This class is the ultimate in body conditioning. Get a head to toe workout in this class using a variety of equipment.

Abs & Arms – Whip your mid section into shape with the latest in modern fitness training to help you reach for results. Use Tubing, Dumbbells, Med Balls, and good music to tone and sculpt your Core and Upper Body.

Adrenaline – High intensity interval cardio and strength training. Explore a different interval format each week, from AMRAPs to Tabatas and everything in between.

H.I.I.T – High Intensity Interval Training has you alternating periods of short intense aerobic exercises with less intense recovery periods. 

Cut & Core – A conditioning class utilizing various equipment such as weights, body bars and tubing to sculpt and strengthen your body fused with yoga and balance.

Group strength classes on the Main Line are extremely popular! There are so many benefits of strength training! Here are just a few:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Build Stronger bones
  • Increase Joint flexibility
  • Improve Weight control
  • Improve Balance


This class will focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and rows. We will also incorporate isolation exercises to target specific muscle groups.

You should bring comfortable workout clothes, athletic shoes, and a water bottle. We will provide all the necessary equipment for the class, such as weights, resistance bands, and exercise mats.

It’s recommended to attend this class at least twice a week to see significant strength gains. However, the frequency of attendance is ultimately up to each individual’s fitness goals and schedule.

Absolutely! Our instructor will provide modifications and variations for all exercises to accommodate different fitness levels. However, it’s always a good idea to check with a doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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