Personal Trainers | Club La Maison - Wayne, PA 19087

Shannon Murphy

Personal Trainer

Shannon graduated West Chester University with a degree in
Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition.  After graduation she started
working at Club La Maison in 2010. She currently hold the following certifications:  TRX (Suspension Training) Level I certified, FMS (Functional Movement
Systems) certified, USATF (Track and Field) Level I certified. She chose
these certifications because she believes in training the whole body as one
working machine as opposed to individual parts. She is also an avid
runner, having run track from fourth grade until her senior year of

Shannon wants to make exercise fun for you. She has loved
exercise since she was a child and begged her parents for a gym
membership when she was 12 years old. She want to share her passion with
you, so that you can make healthy life changes that are also fun.

Most of Shannon’s clients at Club La Maison are new to exercise.
She also enjoys training those who have just recovered from injury and
have just been released from physical therapy. She loves teaching people
how to move correctly and also loves watching that "light bulb" moment
when someone has been trying hard to perfect a  movement pattern and
finally "gets it!”

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