Personal Trainers | Club La Maison - Wayne, PA 19087

Jessica Rudloff

NSCA Personal Trainer, USP Coach

Jessica received her Bachelor’s Degree from Longwood University in Kinesiology and holds a Master of Nutrition from Stony Brook University. She has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2013. Prior to her time at Club La Maison, Jessica spent over five years working with college athletes at Velocity Sports Performance and coached college lacrosse at Washington College and High Point University. During her final year with High Point, the Panthers won the Big South Conference Championship and made an NCAA berth that reached the second round of the tournament.

Jessica takes pride in working with people of all abilities. She trains with a process that targets core strength, posterior chain strength, flexibility, and stability. Her approach is effective with those that are new to exercise, and those that are seeking weight loss. In addition, Jessica’s experience with collegiate athletes is conducive towards training athletes that are seeking gains in strength, speed development, and injury prevention.

Working with a trainer is a process that is highly reliant on trust and reliability. Reliability from a trainer to exceed limitations safely and effectively is invaluable in a field that is ever evolving and often confusion. Strength is truly built from the ground up. With a strong core foundation, and trust in the process, goals can be reached.

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