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Jacquie Mitchell

Personal Trainer,
CLM Ambassador

Jacquie has been an ACE certified personal trainer for over five years and is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. In addition to personal training, she is a group fitness instructor and holds certifications in Les Mills Sprint and Grit.

When Jacquie works with clients, she works from the ground up, creating a solid foundation in movement, strength, and flexibility. Her training style focuses on functional movement, body-weight and compound movement exercise, and HIIT.

Jacquie's passion for health and fitness stems from a young age. "My dad is a retired physical education teacher and a coach, so growing up, my brothers and I were always involved in some sort of sport or activity. He always reinforced importance of staying active and healthy, and I learned a lot about coaching from him.” She believes that everyone can be fit and healthy, they just have to find what works for them. “Everyone is different and has different likes and needs. They key is finding something that you can adopt and integrate into your lifestyle, because when it comes down to it, staying fit and healthy for life is the most important thing.”

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